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Branding Your Company – Tips

branding your companyBranding your company is essential in garnering a positive response in your audiences mind. It provides name recognition and adds to the perceived value of the company. You will be able to consistently gather a favorable branded image of your company by implementing these branding elements.

  • A branding company can transform your image, the message and philosophy, and the intentions of your company into one brand. They will establish an excellent business identity through the use of: Letterheads, Business Cards, Websites, Brochures, Videos, and Product and Packaging Designs.
  • Write articles and press releases that you can issue to the media and post on your site often.  Be sure to send out these media releases before and after each event
  • Make sure your marketing is diverse to seek out clients. Do not just have your PR and Media cater to your own individual industry.
  • There are national and local conferences in each industry. You should attend and participate in two of them at the minimum.
  • Online newsletters should be created. You can also issue direct mail newsletters.
  • You can get your company in the press for free by participating and sponsoring local charity events. If you are just participating, make sure you get your name in the program that is distributed.
  • Network with all potential teaming partners. These future affiliates will need to know your team and expertise.
  • Find out all the aspects that may be important to this new market. From the projects, people, and services, you will have to capture this regional tone in all your collateral material.
  • Establish tip sheets that give examples on how your company is different than your competitors. Make these examples relevant to the needs of your potential clients and teaming partners. Once established, incorporate this into all your branding statements.
  •  Create a calendar of local events you can attend to make your company and brand visible. Once you decide which events you will attend that are related to your potential clients interest, post the dates and events you will attend on your website.
  • Post a professional survey on your website with the results easily accessible.
  • Your website needs to be informational based. Besides being able to demonstrate your expertise, search engines can find you easier. Update your website content with informative materials at least once a week.
  • Use all the methods you can to communicate the financial value of your brand to those significant people associated with it.
  • It is imperative to maintain a high level of professional customer service. Employ people who can deliver great customer care at all times. Word-of-mouth can build or destroy a brand.

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    Walking in the prceense of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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