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Business KISS Concept

small businessThe business world uses an acronym KISS. It stands for “Keep it Simple, Stupid.” Many times business owners decide to write their own company materials, whether it is their main website copy, their promotional materials or even their business plan. Often, they can be “too close” to the business, as they have been a part of it since its inception. The mistake that can be made is that they say too much in their message and they lose potential business because of it.

It’s very important to keep a simple but consistent company message. As I like to say “If the message fits on the back of a business card” then your in business.If it can’t, it’s too complicated which means your target market in an advertisement will get confused. People like uncomplicated products with a simple value proposition.

Take a look at other company’s information, you’ll see when you are being shown too much information. You feel it right away. You glance at the page and feel overwhelmed. As a result you put down the written material, close the browser window or tune out or mute what your watching. Less is more.

Now the same concept can apply company brochure or packaging. It’s important to get the message across and to do that you have to keep things simple. Don’t give them extra details they will not use.

Why has Apple become such a powerful brand? When you see the way they advertise I am sure you felt the difference in the experience. When you open a product from them. It feels sleek; it feels special. Rather than sporting a bunch of bright stickers demanding your attention, unnecessary hype.

When it comes to your own business, it can sometimes be easy to forget that you may be saying too much. It’s understandable. This is your baby and you’ve got a lot to say about it. You’ve invested long hours and good money and want everybody to know how great it is! If you keep these the KISS concept in your mind, you will find yourself growing your business.

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