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This is the reason you should integrate MailChimp with WordPress

mailchimp wordpress integrationEmail marketing is a must if you want to monetize your blog. Email newsletters are a great and effective way to keep your readers updated on what’s new with your website and other important matters. Of course, different people have different kinds of interests, and this is where having an email marketing service like MailChimp comes in handy. Your website visitors can choose to receive updates about freebies, coupons, and other different things you offer in your blog.

If you’re using WordPress, you can actually create a free email newsletter, but this service is not as reliable as those like MailChimp or Aweber. If you have a large list and use FeedBurner or a certain plugin, you can run into spam issues, low delivery rates, and other problems.

The thing about using a third party service for your email marketing is the cost, and it is a recurring cost at that. You will have to pay every month to continue using their service. However, the monthly fee is well worth it.

A lot of new WordPress users make use of free plugins to collect emails, and then later move to Aweber or MailChimp. This is actually not a good move, since most email marketing services do not allow you to import your email list and will require a double opt-in. What this means is that all of your subscribers will need to confirm that they are subscribed to your list. This additional step will cause you to lose subscribers, as some of them may not like the idea of re-subscribing, or may simply not have time to do so.

In summary, using an email marketing service like MailChimp or Aweber from the moment you start your WordPress blog will end up saving you more time, and getting you more subscribers in the long run. As the saying goes, “Money is in the List.”

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