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Best Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

blog trafficThere are over 100 million blogs on the Internet and hundreds are added on a weekly basis. If you have a blog, staying competitive is no easy feat. It is unlikely you are doing anything unique — especially in today’s blogosphere. But, just because you aren’t the only one of your kind doesn’t mean you can’t get traffic to your blog. Follow these tips for increasing your blog traffic and hopefully, your income.

Write Frequently

Updating your blog frequently is always important. It keeps readers coming back for more, but also increases the amount of pages you have submitted to search engines.

Be Consistent

You need a consistent blogging schedule — and you have to stick to it. You don’t have to blog daily to get traffic, but if you blog three times per week, you need to stick to three times per week. Followers tend to notice how often you post and if you’re sporadic, they won’t know when to come back to read more. Also, search engines don’t keep populating your content when you only post one here, one two months from now, etc.

Be SEO-Friendly, But Not SEO-Focused

Yes, SEO is important. Your posts should have a focus keyword, an appropriate keyword density, etc. But, you should not be SEO-focused. Your posts should be written for your readers and answer questions they’re looking to have answered — not written just to attract search engines or rank a particular keyword. Your SEO shouldn’t interfere with your writing or the quality of your posts what so ever. If it is, you’re focusing too much on SEO and not enough on quality.

Use Social Media to Promote Posts and Create Connections

Increasing blog traffic isn’t just about writing good posts. Sometimes people need a nudge to find you and the best way to do that is through social media. Sites like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all help promote your brand, message and website. Create accounts, start adding people, and promote your posts via your social media profile. Don’t spam your followers though. Use social media as a breeding ground for conversation and connecting with your readers too.

Use Google Analytics

If you don’t have analytics installed on your blog, now is the time to do so. Analytics tell you who is linking to your site (which means who is talking about your blog), but also let you know how many visitors you get each day and how they act on your site. Analytics give you insight into what made people come to your blog in the first place, what pages they continued to look at and how fast they clicked the “back” button once they were on your blog.

Use Images

A blog that is a wall of text is not fun to read and visitors will not stick around. Use lots of images (preferably your own so you can make it unique), photos and even illustrations. Adding a few videos into the mix is always a good idea too.

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