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What is Best Way to Design Permalinks for Your Website?

permalinksYour designed URL for your post is your permalink. It’s fact that URL of a page is one of most important thing. Sometime Bloggers get Hurt because they try to spam with URLs. A number of people believe that keyword stuffing in Permalinks can give them more value in Search Results. That’s true to some extent. But it hurts when you try to cheat Google

Matt Cutts has told us that Google give more value to three to five words of URL. He also informed that using synonyms can hurt your ranking. You permalink should summarize your topic within three to five words. If you want to add keywords. Add them within the post. Your headlines are also important. You must add keywords properly.

How to design Permalinks

I have noticed few rules in my experience. As we are depending on Google. We must follow Google rules. The basic rule of Google is, the content should be user friendly otherwise you stop writing content on your blog. So, while making permalink. You must remember.

  1. The ideal length of URL is three to five words.
  2. Add your keywords in URL but your Permalink should not be a combination of keywords. It should be meaningful.
  3. Summarize your topic in Permalink.
  4. Your permalink should be easy to remember.
  5. Don’t use same permalink at your domain and sub-domain.
  6. Use lowercase characters to avoid duplication of Permalinks.
  7. Use Hyphen (-) instead of underscore (_). Google treats (_) as a space.
  8. If you are not using Blogger then do not use date or time in your Permalinks.

You must remember these tips before designing your Permalinks. If you have done mistakes. Then forget them. You can redirect your URLs but I believe you should keep them as they are. And be natural for your upcoming work.

Permalinks in Blogger, WordPress or TypePad

If You are using Blogger. You will find an option to design your permalink in the right sidebar of Post Editor. If you are using WordPress Or TypePad. You can find Permalink option behind your Post Title of Post Editor. These were basic SEO tips about permalinks. Everyone must follow these basic tips about Permalinks.

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