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Google Analytics and Webmaster Tool for SEO

google analyticsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) comes with two important phases, on page optimization which includes the quality content of the site, relevant and well described Meta Tag and Meta Description, key word rich title or heading, quality out bound links, remove the broken links, having both of the HTML and XML site maps, easy navigation for the users etc.

On the other hand, second phase of the SEO Campaign has the task to increase the visibility or the popularity of your site over the internet, which has the list of tasks like directory submission, local listing, article submission, web 2.0 submission, social bookmarking, reciprocal link building etc.The SEO tools provided by the Google, does not help you to optimize your site directly but these tools will help you to identify the strengths, weaknesses, number of visitors, source of visitors, key words and the position of the key words in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) etc. Google webmaster tool mainly deals with the site map, search key words, positioning of the key words in SERP, Google crawl errors, crawl set up, fetching the web site option, malware reporting etc.

The Google Analytics tool will show you the number of the visitors, location of the visitors, key words used, source of the visitors etc. all of these will help you to identify the progress of your SEO Campaign. To use these tools, you just need to register your web site with the web master tool or Google Analytics tool, you need to verify the ownership of the site and then you can start using these amazing SEO tools to optimize your site effectively and efficiently.

Google Analytics Tool for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) lots of analysis involved. An expert optimizer will spend a large portion of his or her time to analyze the site both for the on site and off site optimization before starting the real work. Understanding the traffic, location of the traffic, operating system / device / browser used by the traffic, how the traffic came to your web site, how long individual person staying in the site, how many pages they have browsed, why you have too much bounce rate (if a user leave the web site just after visiting the home page named as bounce, which is a negative part of your site organization), what are the key words user has used to get this web page or from where they came to this site (referral) etc. These types of analysis can give a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist a head start for the successful SEO Campaign.

As SEO Specialists, you can do the best on site optimization, you can ensure all the broken link in the site has been removed or your web site has a very good dynamic HTML and XML site map, your site is organized with relative meta tag and meta description, content of the site is very quality content which has followed the proper key word research and density of the keyword is perfect.

The SEO specialist can ensure the best directory submissions only on the top ranked web sites, increase the social visibility, web 2.0 submission, forum writing or high ranked SEO blogging; as off site optimization. For back linking, quality of the links is the main factor for SEO Campaign, not the quantity of the back links. An expert SEO engineer will be able to perform that entire task according to the guidance given by the Search Engines.

Now the biggest challenge is to identify or prove the success of the SEO Campaign run by the SEO specialist. Google has a very effective and free SEO tool for the Search Engine Optimization specialists or the web site owner to find out the details about the site called “Google Analytics”. User needs to register their site with the analytics tool by doing the site verification, which Google will guide you how o do that, and after the registration, all the statistics can be seen in the Analytics tool including the number of traffic, browsing habit, setting or achieving SEO goals, key words or the search engines used by the traffic etc.

Success of the stable SEO Campaign depends on the monitoring and updating the optimization, which will be possible with the help of Google Analytics tool.

How to use Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics will provide a range of SEO facilities for the experts as well as the site owner. Now anyone even can check the visitors in real time. In this writing I will try to give a quick overview of different features given by the Google Analytic tool.

The first feature available in the Analytics named Audience, in general which will show the details of the number of audience in your web site including the percentage of new vs. returning visitors (overview), the demographics option can be used to identify the language and location of the visitor, third feature here which is behavior will provide the details about the frequency of visit, engagement etc. Feature named “technology” and “Mobile” will provide the details about the users device or browser which has been used to visit this site. The last feature under Audience is “Custom”; the “visitors Flow” here will give you the pictorial representation about the traffic in different pages of the web site.

The next tool which will be used by every SEO Specialist is “Traffic Sources”. This feature will present the details about every visitors location, source of individual visitor, the key words they have used to get this web site, the Search Engine any visitor has used to search for this keyword, referrals etc.

If the web site is running a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign with Google Adwords, it is possible for the Search Engine Optimization specialist to check the result of the Adwords or PPC campaign from Google Analytics. There is an option in Analytics which is Advertising, will provide all the details about the PPC Campaign, key words, match query, destination, positioning of the key words etc. These information will help you to update the PPC Campaign any time according to the needs.

Next important feature will be used by the SEO experts is “content”. From here SEO expert can get the details about the landing pages, individual page visitors, exit page, site speed, events etc. If the web site has Google Adsense, Google Analytics will collect and provide all the details about that as well

The last feature in Google Analytics named as “conversion” allows the SEO specialist to set the Goal of the SEO Campaign, which is a way to measure if this Search Engine Optimization or the ecommerce project has achieved the target or not.

Google analytics is one of the most reliable tools for SEO experts to measure their achievements in the SEO Campaign. This tool will give the experts a detailed view about everything of the individual web site.

Google Web Master Tool for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs regular observation and monitoring to identify the problems any web site has and to resolve the issues as soon as possible so that the negative SEO impact can be minimized for the site’s optimization. Search Engine Optimization has on site and off site optimization techniques involved. When a SEO specialist perform the off site optimization, which is known as back linking as well, he or she needs to ensure that all the back links has been established and working properly. As SEO specialist, you will always face such a problem that you have established a back link and after few days or months the link has been removed. You need to try to keep an eye on your entire off site Search Engine Optimization as much as you can to ensure the sustainability of the SEO campaign.

The main factor for the Search Engine Optimization is the content and navigation of the web site. The SEO Expert might has completed the site, but somehow few contents of the site can be removed or the site administrator might change the location of any content which can lead your site to the term “broken or missing links” ; result is “crawler error” given by the Search Engine. If the search robots, which are named as Crawlers, can’t find out any documents which are suppose to be in a certain place of the site, and then the search engine will mark this as an error. SEO expert needs to submit the site’s XML map to the Search Engines as well as they need to keep an eye on any broken or missing link in the site, which is quite impossible for the SEO specialist because of a large number of dynamic content of any web site.

By considering this situation Google has a free tool for the Search engine specialists and the web site owner named “Google Webmaster Tool”.

If any one works on the optimization for any website, regardless on site or off site optimization, they should add their site with the Webmaster Tool. Google’s crawlers crawl every web server in the world and collect the information about the web sites. If a web site has been added into the web master tool, all the related information about that web site including on site search and off site Search Engine Optimization will be displayed via the web master tool. Using the Google Webmaster tool is pretty simple. User can see the key words they are using, response against each keywords, crawler error, site map submission, indexed page, indexing time, malware infection in the site etc.

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