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Is It Worthy to Pay for the SEO?

seo coastThere is an ongoing question around! Is seo worthy for small business or not. There are many company who are offering seo in different price. What are the key points of the seo? What can be done to have a stable seo campaign? Search engine optimization will help your site to improve the ranking of the site as well as the ranking of different page. The key points for the stable seo are:

  1. Develop the website in such a manner that it becomes search engine friendly. Search engine has the crawler which move around the world of the web, you site need to have this crawler friendly structure so that search engine gets to know the content of your site easily and can represent the site to the customer when they are looking for similar content as your site has. You need to ensure that your site has a sitemap will help you a lot to get your site by the crawler.
  2. Content…Content… content is the key success factor for your Online business. You will have to ensure that your site is rich in content. Obviously the site needs to look better but neither the search engine or your potential customer will like such a site which don’t have the material what they are looking for. So ensure that you have key word rich (we will discuss about the keyword in a minute) content in every page of your site
  3. Keyword research needs to be very extensive. With the help of the keyword research you will know what the potential customers are looking for. Some seo experts guess the keywords instead of gathering the fact, which is a wrong strategy, it can lead your seo campaign failing. Make sure you use any reliable tool such as google analytics, market samurai, semrush etc to do the keyword research. Any of these tool will provide you the suggested keyword with the potential of each keywords. You can use local or global search depending on the business strategy. But you need to ensure that keyword research is done extensively as this will be the base of your success for seo campaign.
  4. Competitor analysis: After you have the list of key words, now it’s time to check how your competitors are doing. You can use the same tools to check the competition against individual keywords. It is always recommended to go for the less completion first. Might be you will have less potential on these keywords but still you can get a smart output easily from less competitive area. This is a very crucial decision because sometimes customer want to go for the high potential keywords although there is high competition as well and this can be the reason to fail in your seo campaign.
  5. PPC campaign or simple seo? A burning question. Running a PPC. Campaign can be expensive but will give you more assurance to get your page is SERP easily. But only problem is if you stop paying, your page will be no where, which is a risk of not to be sustainable. On the other hand, if you spend less amount over the long period of time for white hat seo, it can give you the stability in SERP for longer that PPC campaign. If you have a content rich well developed site With many back links, if you continuously focus on the keyword research and competitor analysis, white hat seo can be the best choice for your online business.

Doing organic seo is a great initiative for your business, which can give your online business a boost for long term. But you need to calculate the return on investment and you need to get the expert person (if you are not expert) who will be able to do the development, content writing, link building, keyword research, competitor analysis so and so. If you can develop a proper plan for your seo campaign and if you can execute the plan, search engine optimization is worth for the money.y, our SEO Experts believe on 100% organic SEO, our key success factor for Search Engine Optimization for any size of business is On Page Search Engine Optimization.

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