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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) includes many activities to ensure that the search engines will find out a specific set of content from the relevant web site against a particular search by the user. There are many ways to optimize the web site for the search engines, but first of all you need to understand how the search engines works.

Search Engine’s target: Millions of people from different parts of the world are searching for thousands of different kinds of thing via the search engines. At the moment the top ranked Search Engine is Google followed by Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Main target of all the Search Engines is to ensure the delivery of the best result in front of the customer against a specific search. Google or other engines has their own algorithm and mechanism to crawl billions of web pages, collect the content of the pages, indexing those and deliver the right landing page via the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) when user is looking for something.

The key success factor for the Search Engine’s are to use the best algorithm to decide the best landing page against a particular search. Google has came up with many algorithms so far, every time the change the search algorithm the only reason behind that is to ensure the best search result for the user of Google. World is moving so fast for the technology and internet, to keep the pace with this fast internet world, all the Search Engines try to adopt the best algorithm to ensure the best result in their Search Engine Result Page (SERP) as well as the spamming free search result.

How to do Search Engine Optimization: Google has produce a starter guidance to do the Search Engine Optimization, but Google always encourage the site owner not to do too much optimization as Google is expert enough to find out the content of your web site. All you need to do is to present your site according to the Google’s guidance. Google always emphasize on the content, key word rich unique content can attract the search engines as well as the user.

You need to remember, Search Engine can bring you the potential customers in your site but it will be up to you to ensure that the potential customer gets interested to buy your product or service and become your customer.

How does SEO works?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be done in two different ways; actually you need to implement both of the ways. Theses are on site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Off Site Search Engine Optimization. Here are some details about the working procedures about each of these optimisation procedures:

Onsite Site Search Engine Optimization: The very first step of optimisation procedure is to perform the keyword research on your niche. Deciding the keywords can be a very complicated process as there will be some tempting key words which has lots of visitors but many competitors as well. On the other hand you can select the certain keywords which have less potential but less competition. In SEO Campaign, we always refer you to select the less competitive keywords when you start the SEO for your site. Once you achieve your target for few keywords, then you can optimised the site for the more competitive keywords.

Providing the proper Meta tags and the Meta description for individual articles and media files will help the Search Engines to identify the content of the particular page. It helps the user to get the right landing page of your web site. Using keyword rich title and heading or using italic style for the keywords can help the Search Engines to get the best landing page from the web site.

Content is the key success factor for your business, website or the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In SEO Campaign, our experts will give the priority on the content of your site first. SEO Experts can not ensure the success until unless you have quality and unique content in your web site.

SEO Campaign’s specialist web developers will develop the HTML and XML site map to make it easy for the search Engines to get the best landing page as well as the customers to get the content what they are looking for.

Increase the content of the site regularly will help your site to get indexed in regular interval by the Search Engines as they will see the regular changes in your site and the crawlers will come back to your site regularly.

Updating the site is always a good idea but there is the risk of leaving the broken links when your site gets updated. You might have deleted a file and has added the new file; Search Engines might keep the previous link in their index as broken link, which can have negative impact on your site’s ranking. SEO Campaign’s experts will identify all the broken links; will monitor your site regularly so that any broken links issue can be resolved within the shortest time.

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