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26 Tips to Improve Google Ranking

google rankings tipsHello everyone, I am back after a long time. I really didn’t get much time to develop it. But now, again I am starting with full dedication. So let me tell you the top 26 tips which you can use to improve the Google Ranking. Use the following tips and you can see the changes within a few  days/weeks :

  • Put your keyword in the URL
  • Put your keyword in the title
  • Keyword appears in Tag Cloud (1 to 3)
  • Keyword appears in description tag over 2 times
  • Keyword appears in content
  • Keyword appears in first and last paragraph
  • Keyword appears in H1 and H2 tag
  • Including keyword in outbound Links anchor text
  • Keyword appears in image file name
  • Keyword appears in image ALT attribute
  • 1-2% keyword density
  • Bold or italic your keywords.
  • Unique content is the best, avoid articles which have been reproduced repeatedly
  • At least 30% different compared with other page
  • 1000 to 2000 words of content, divided article into reasonable paragraph
  • Post your article regularly, ita€™s better if you can post daily
  • Each article is related to your main keyword, make your website like a book
  • Keyword appears in the users comment
  • acklinks from high PR website
  • Backlinks from relevant content
  • Including your keyword in anchor text
  • Anchor text appears in the content from other website
  • Related keywords appear around the anchor text
  • Backlink has existed over 3 months
  • Not over 100 backlinks from the page where you put your backlink
  • Backlinks from different IP address

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