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Choosing A Great Colour Scheme for your Website

color schemeChoosing the right color scheme for your website can be an uphill task if you are not sure as to what you want to accomplish. It can be as important as the graphics and contents that you are uploading onto your website. A lot of factors have to be considered before deciding on the right color scheme for your website. One should consider the emotional responses, psychology of color and the impact that each color can leave on the visitor. The first impression is the best impression. If at first the color scheme is not appealing, then you might just lose the visitor for good. You only get once chance to make the first impression and so it is better to get it right.

Warm Colors

The warm colors are those which can give you a warm feeling by just looking at them; red, yellow, orange and pink are colors that come under this category. Red is one of the most attractive colors and can make a viewer come back to the website. It is very attractive and no wonder why it is being used extensively in ad campaigns where it can attract the attention of all the viewers. Yellow also has warmth and since it is a closer color to gold, gives a very rich feeling when added to your color scheme. Orange can be used in places where it can stimulate your appetite. If your website is for a restaurant or any other eat-out, then orange should be your choice. Pink is a color that is often linked to feminine blogs, but it can also be used to send a feeling of innocence as well.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are those which can give a relaxed feeling to those who are viewing a website. Blue, green and purple are cool color shades. Blue is said to be a calm color that can also give a feeling of reduced appetite. So it is better to avoid blue in case your site focuses on food items. Green is often linked to nature and greenery. Some shades can also give a feeling of money and wealth.

Neutral Colors

White, Grey, Brown and Black are neutral colors that can be used for any website or blog. These play an important part in the combination schemes.

Color Schemes

Single color themes give a disciplined and elegant look to your website. Complementary color schemes, where two or more colors that complement each other are used is also a good option to get a pleasing look. Contrast colors can also be used to make the page look more attractive. Care should be taken not to put in two flashy colors, which might make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

In addition to the actual color theme that one is using, you should also make sure that the text is readable. The text color has to be dark for lighter colored themes and light for dark colored themes. To be safe, it is better to use the 216 web safe colors, so that the display looks the same even in different display devices.

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