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Corporate business combining Social Media

marketingSocial media campaigns are popping up all over the web from businesses in all types of industry. It is essential not to rush into such campaigns, you have to think about how you are going to develop your strategy, what you want to achieve etc and from research, how you are going to achieve it.

Implementing a social media campaign needs thought and much planning to ensure the end outcome is the desired one:

Initial research: Find out what people are saying about your brand on the most popular social networks for your country as well as general business information. Track and monitor what is said and check out competition, find out what they are doing and record anything interesting (search results, feedback etc), which you may be able to implement at a later stage in the process.

Goals: What goals are already set in your business? What is it you want to achieve? Have you achieved it yet? How can social networking and a social campaign help/assist you to achieve your goals?
Research how you will achieve your goals and how you will track each step you have made in order to achieve a positive outcome or to tailor it to work better. Ensure the goals you set out to achieve are monitored closely so you can make the most impact on your campaign.

Tools: Try out the range of different tools on the web, discover which tools best suit the needs for your reporting and meet the needs of your goals. You can try to use WordPress SEO Plugin or use several if that suits the needs of helping you to achieve your goal – creating a mix gives the best of every world – always research for new innovative tools on a regular basis as there are APIs being created all the time!

Performance measuring: There are many ways in which you can measure your performance – using tools on the web which will track your social media campaigns or develop your own in-house tools, monitor this on a regular basis so you can adapt your strategy to achieve your goals – remember – the results may not be what you’d hoped they would be.

Reporting: Create your own reports using the data you have gathered along the way, ALWAYS include positive and negative remarks as they provide a basis for development or help choose which direction needs to be tailored, the positive will show where you have got the direction right to help achieve your set goal and strategy.

An important factor is to remember that a social media strategy is not set in stone, it can be changed! Once you start your social campaign it is very difficult to go backwards if you have a sudden change of mind or direction. Make sure your research is thorough and you are confident with all you have set out to do – there is always plenty of help to be found so don’t be afraid to seek it out!

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