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How To Create An Amazing Website For Small Business?

business websiteThe purpose of a website is to create one that attracts people and increases traffic to your business. One of the ways to ensure you get the traffic you need is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This used optimized key words and phrases that an individual may type into the search bar when they are looking for an answer or trying to find a company that meets their needs.

When building a website there are few things that will help make it stand out compared to others that may be similar to it. Your site should immediately attract a future customer’s attention and hold it there making them want to learn more. Search engine optimization will get them to your site, now comes the task of keeping them there.

Website Design

Make your website unique. Choose colors and designs that represent your company. If you have a logo, make it a main attraction with other additions relating to it in such a way, the customer’s eyes automatically return to it. Add photos of your company at work. Let consumer see exactly what they will be getting.

Eliminate clutter. Don’t overdo the website with visual stimulation. Your objective is to entice the viewer into reading about what you have to offer and making sure they understand why you are the best choice. Too many photographs or long, lengthy paragraphs make the site look cluttered and the consumer will quickly lose interest. Find a balance between the two allowing the customer to easily go from one to the other without causing confusion.

Videos and Graphics

Use videos and graphics. Videos and web graphics are all the rage. Often times, consumers will remain on a business website longer if they can watch a video instead of having to read through paragraphs full of information. Search engine optimization still applies, however, and must be included in video descriptions and meta tags placed on twitter and other social media sites.

Background images can also attract individuals. Faded background images of the company logo will help customers remember the website. A background image is constantly in view while the customers are reading written content and looking at the photographs embedded on the page. As the eyes view the content of the page, the brain can better retain the background image. Customers will remember the image long after the content and photographs are out of view.

Make the best use of both color and contrast. Choose one or two main colors and then various other colors to contrast and balance them. Making the website pleasant to view will get you more repeated traffic than a site where bold colors take away from the images, graphics and written content.

Whether you build your website yourself or hire it to be professionally designed, always remember to make it your own. Allow your small business to shine with a website that truly showcases its highlights.

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