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Top 10 Cool Business Things to do with Siri

siriPractically everyone knows who or what Siri is. Siri is a virtual assistant that has been designed to help you with your everyday tasks. However, she is restricted to the Apple iPhone. When it comes down to our hectic business lives, Siri is truly a lifesaver.

Client Management

Put simply, Siri knows who your clients are. That is so long as you let it know who they are. Siri can manage all your clients, set up your professional network and send social media messages to them. Although this is a great feature, there is only one downside. The only downside is that you will need to enter all the data first.

Define your Clients

Siri can even define who your clients are and who your personal contacts are. After you have entered information into your iPhone, via voice control or touch, just tell Siri who your clients are. When you have a contact open, tell Siri that you want to tag the contact as a client. Siri now knows that the contact is your client. The great advantage to this is that when you say call client, Siri will ask you which client you want to call.

Tracking your Business Meetings

When you have marked business locations in your iPhone, Siri can coordinate completely with it. If you have a business meeting at 10am at xyz Restaurant and Bistro, Siri will remind you that you have a meeting and will automatically remind you. If you pass near the meeting place at any given time, Siri will remind you that you have a meeting here.

Personalizing your Shortcuts

One of the greatest things about Siri is all the shortcuts that you can set. For example, if you tell Siri that “brb” means “be right back”, it will learn that shortcut. When a client’s message comes, you can tell Siri to “reply brb” and Siri will reply the client with “be right back.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can personalize your shortcuts to make Siri do practically anything. You can tell it commands that will save contacts, locations, messages, reply, email, etc.

Siri Learns and Adapts to your Business Life

One difference between Siri and other virtual assistants is that Siri can learn from all her mistakes. If she set the wrong location or autocorrected the wrong word, you can let her know that she is wrong. That way, when you write the word again, Siri will not auto correct it. Her adaptation rate is remarkable. Unlike human employees, she only has to be told once.

Sending Emails

Sending emails are a breeze with Siri. Just let Siri know who you want to email and she will email the client for you. Of course, you do have to tell her what you want written. You can also schedule message with Siri and let her automatically send emails for you. However, you will need a broadband connection for this feature. It is really easy to find PAYG mobile broadband deals online.


If you have a meeting scheduled and set on your calendar, Siri can remind you of that meeting when the time comes. Furthermore, Siri can also set your reminders for you. You can tell Siri to set a meeting reminder on Friday at xyz Restaurant and Bistro and it will do exactly that.

Filling Forms

When you have contact information saved, even your own, filling out forms is really easy. Rather than typing out your entire email address, tell Siri to insert your email address and she will do it. This makes filling online forms exceptionally easy.

Keeping Notes

Siri also makes taking notes impeccably easy. All you have to do is tell her that you want to take a note and then tell her what the note is. It’s that simple!


If you tell Siri to search for a message, email or web page, she will find it. Not only will she find it, she will even ask if you for further actions as well. If you know how to use Siri, she can be the best assistant you will ever have. For many features, you will require an internet connection.

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