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Using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) along with Microsoft Outlook

pgp privacyPretty Good Privacy (PGP) is actually an encryption software program which you can use to encrypt e-mail messages as well as computer files. Freeware as well as commercial versions of PGP can be obtained through the internet, and may also be downloaded and/or purchased from

As the software program is installed, plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express may then be installed, enabling you to encrypt, decrypt, as well as sign messages sent through these e-mail programs. Just as mentioned in the earlier section of this chapter “E-mail Encryption Made Simple,” PGP works on the combination of public and private keys to protect your e-mail. It employs public key cryptography, which always applies a “secret key” to encrypt and decrypt a message.

The email sender employs the recipient’s public key in order to encrypt the content, while the recipient decrypt it making use of his own private key. While PGP is operated with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook can even verify a digital signature using public keys which were stored on a “key ring.” This is usually a collection of public keys already installed in PGP, and employed to decrypt the digital signature. When it cannot locate the suitable public key to authenticate the digital signature, you will probably be prompted to obtain the public key from a key authority. When it already possesses the public key, then it definitely will verify the digital signature, which in turn validates the authenticity of the message.

The message by itself will be decrypted employing your own private key. It’sessential to know however that after decryption, the e-mail message will continue to be decrypted when its saved on your system. Pretty Good Privacy is actually a legitimate approach of encrypting e-mail. Plugins are readily available for both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express, consequently it is possible to send, encrypt, decrypt, and digitally sign any kind of messages sent or received using this software. Once PGP has been installed on your system, using Pretty Good Privacy with either of such e-mail application is fairly easy.

If the PGP plug-in is installed, it is actually incorporated with the installation of Outlook or Outlook Express.If you open or send an email, you’ll see various fresh buttons to the right of your toolbar: the Encrypt Message, Decrypt PGP Message, and Launch PGPKeys buttons. As you click on the Launch PGPKeys button, the PGPKeys tool will be invoked. By using this tool, it is possible to execute a wide variety of tasks, this includes generating new keys which can be used in encrypting and decrypting messages.This is actually the very same Key Generator that has been employed when you initially installed PGP, permitting you to generate a key that’s required for the encryption/decryption process.

Once the Encrypt Message button is clicked, the e-mail as well as any kind of attachments will be flagged as needing to be encrypted. Upon showing up in the Send button, PGP will encrypt the content make it with your Outbox to get sent.Once the email is encrypted, it is going to change in appearance to anyone viewing the message. Just like the following example, the e-mail becomes coded, so that no-one can sound right from it until it can be decrypted:

If you were the individual to obtain this kind of message encrypted with PGP, you will have to decrypt it before maybe it’s read. Upon opening what it’s all about, click on the Decrypt PGP Message button, and also a dialog box appears asking you to enter a password. Here is the password that you just chose when setting up PGP on your machine. Now, PGP has validated you (the recipient) and will decrypt the material utilizing your private key. This protects the e-mail from being read by simply anyone who sits with the machine using your e-mail program. Once the best password is entered, what it’s all about and any file attachments will be restored to their original format.Now you can save the unencrypted message and any attachments for your hard drive. PGP has not yet necessarily validated the sender though, unless what it’s all about includes an electronic signature.You will have to have the public key through the one who sent the e-mail to be able to validate the sender using digital signatures.

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